Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) ®

At GLI, our mission is to provide world-class testing, certification and professional services to the global gaming industry, and to accomplish our mission with the highest levels of independence and integrity. Our clients are gaming regulators, suppliers and operators in jurisdictions all over the world, more than 475 in all. We help to ensure the integrity of the gaming industry, and we are proud to say that for more than 25 years regulators, suppliers and operators the world over have come to trust GLI.

We have established an incomparable team of professionals to test and certify equipment, including mathematicians, hardware and software engineers, compliance engineers, system and communication engineers, high-tech engineers and quality assurance specialists. These highly trained, hand-picked experts deliver a level of service and expertise that cannot be matched by any other testing lab.

Beyond testing, we offer a wide range of professional services including consultation, auditing, field inspections, security audits, responsible gaming, project management; Governance, Risk and Compliance, including World Lottery Association Security Control Standards (WLASCS) and ISO 27001 Information Security audit and certification; GLI University® training; and technical services.


Cirsa Gaming Corporation is one of the world leaders in gaming and leisure activities and it is the top company in Spain in this sector. It has 18,000 employees. The company had an operating income of € 1,900 million in 2015. It has 130 casinos, more than 40,000 gaming machines, 80 bingo halls, 200 arcades, 2,000 sports betting outlets, 3,125 lottery terminals and 2,558 video lottery terminals in Spain, Italy, Morocco and Latin America. It also has an online gambling activity in Spain, Mexico and Panama with all the required licenses


A leader in entertainment in gambling in Colombia, it now has 66 casinos in the country’s main cities that offer the most exciting experiences to over 6 million annual visitors. Each venue offers the opportunity to win millionaires prizes, while enjoying spectacular musical shows, theatre plays, fashion shows and many more events. With a philosophy of responsibility and transparency, it is consolidated as a constantly expanding solid business Group. The Winner Group offer exceeds customers’ expectations with innovation and the quality of its products and services.

The Winner Group is part of the CIRSA Group.


Para 2020, Asojuegos será una entidad sólida que representa una industria transparente y reconocida por la opinión pública de Colombia, referente para América Latina. Un sector gran generador de empleo, con una fuerte base social que promueve los juegos. Un sector que le aporta a Colombia no sólo a través de los tributos sino de la responsabilidad social empresarial; con una imagen, fresca, renovada y con la visión de integrar a toda la Industria de los Juegos de Suerte y Azar, haciendo sentir a los sectores de Juegos Localizados, Novedosos y los territoriales como la Hípica, las Apuestas Permanentes y las Loterías.

Asojuegos, es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que acompaña, comparte y promueve la industria del juego responsable, transparente y legal en Colombia. Fomentando el desarrollo empresarial y comunitario en el sector, con el fin de garantizar mayores recursos para la salud, generando empleo y fortaleciendo el sector en la administración del riesgo de lavado de activos y financiación del terrorismo.

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Asensi Abogados

ASENSI represents and advises a large number of international gaming companies running their business within the Spanish market. Furthermore, our alliances with the most recognized law firms within the gambling and entertainment industry together with our continuous presence at global forums makes it possible to extend our practice to other jurisdictions.

ASENSI focuses a great part of its practice in Media & Technology Law. Our expertise in online gaming is connected to these areas. We provide legal advice into this field to TV channels, production companies, newspapers, e-payment solutions, social networks, health companies, software providers and domestic and foreign companies from all media, technology and online sectors.

ASENSI has a strong and extensive background in Corporate Law. In this field, the firm provides its clients with expert advice on all kind of matters including: Incorporation, transformation and winding-up processes, company secretary services, templates, legal notes and checklists, negotiation of all kind of commercial agreements, etc.

NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia

NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia

Since late 2011, NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia (former AGI Gaming Colombia) has consolidated as a subsidiary of NOVOMATIC in order to meet the needs of the Colombian and Central American markets, providing high technology products that offer entertainment and reliability in a constant pursuit of excellence for our clients.
Composed of a team of specialized professionals, the company provides the best support in several areas to Colombian customers including conducting a comprehensive support throughout the entire process of marketing, delivery and installation of products and after-sales service that ensure customer satisfaction, leading NOVOMATIC to be the product that every room and casino must have in the mix of machines.


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Cicor Internacional fue fundada en 1988 en Terrassa con el objetivo de ofrecer soluciones aseguradoras integrales adaptables a las necesidades de la pequeña, mediana y gran empresa, colectivos gremiales, asociaciones y personales.

En la actualidad, y culminando un proyecto de expansión que se inició en el año 2000 con la adquisición de diversas corredurías de seguros, contamos con una red de oficinas que nos permite dar cobertura a todo el territorio nacional, mejorando aún si cabe el servicio a nuestros clientes, presentes y futuros.