Sunday, February 24, 2019

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Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) ®

At GLI, our mission is to provide world-class testing, certification and professional services to the global gaming industry, and to carry out our mission with the highest levels of independence and integrity. Our customers are gaming regulators, suppliers and operators in jurisdictions around the world, more than 475 in total. We help ensure the integrity of the gaming industry and we are proud to say that for more than 25 years, regulators, suppliers and operators around the world have come to rely on GLI.

We have established an unparalleled team of professionals to test and certify equipment, including mathematicians, hardware and software engineers, technical compliance engineers, systems and communications engineers, high-tech engineers and quality assurance specialists. These highly trained experts offer a level of service and experience that can not be matched by any other testing laboratory.

Beyond the trials, we offer a wide range of professional services that include consulting; audit; field inspections; security audits; responsible game; project management; governance, risk and compliance, including the Security Control Standards of the World Lotteries Association (WLASCS) and information security audits and certifications of ISO 27001; GLI University® training; and technical services.


CIRSA is one of the world leaders in the game and leisure activity and the first Spanish company in the sector. It has 18,000 employees in 10 countries. The company had an operating profit of € 1,900 million in 2015. It has 155 casinos, more than 40,000 recreational machines, 68 bingo halls, 165 gambling halls, 2,500 sports betting points, 3,125 lottery terminals and 2,565 video lottery terminals in Spain. , Italy and Latin America. It also develops online gaming activity in Spain, Colombia and Panama with the corresponding licenses.



By 2020, Asojuegos will be a solid entity that represents a transparent industry recognized by the public opinion of Colombia, a benchmark for Latin America. A large sector that generates employment, with a strong social base that promotes games. A sector that contributes to Colombia not only through taxes but also from corporate social responsibility; with an image, fresh, renewed and with the vision of integrating the whole Industry of the Games of Luck and Chance, making feel the sectors of Localized, Novel and Territorial Games such as the Horse Racing, the Permanent Bets and the Lotteries.

Asojuegos, is a non-profit association that accompanies, shares and promotes the responsible, transparent and legal gaming industry in Colombia. Promoting business and community development in the sector, in order to guarantee greater resources for health, generating employment and strengthening the sector in the management of the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism.



The National Corporation of Entrepreneurs of Luck and Chance Games (CORNAZAR) is a Corporate Nature Guild, Private Participation Corporation, and as such of a private, non-profit nature, organized under the Laws Colombian, within the framework of the Civil Code, The Standards on science and technology and other relevant provisions, and governed by them, in particular, by the regulations provided for corporations in the Civil Code.

Cornazar is an Interlocutor that seeks to defend the Interests of the Localized Games Entrepreneurs, represent and develop joint activities that allow managing political, economic, and social interests of the union before Public and Private entities; especially so that each of the people and companies represented in it can execute in the best way the contract or concession of games of Luck and Azar located that has signed with Coljuegos or the entity that is competent.

It will also be the object of the Corporation the business strengthening of its associates, the motivation to invest and Business Development, as well as the advice at all levels and finally all tangible and intangible tasks that benefit the Associates directly and indirectly.

Colombia Italtronic Focus

As a result of the networking work carried out in previous years, Italtronic established a headquarters in South America to base its operations: Italtronic Focus Colombia.

Our senior consultants have participated in the most important events about the game and its regulation in Latin America, such as the Ibero-American Gaming Summit, thus opening the way to the network of operators and legislators in this sector.



With over seventeen years of experience, HBG Gaming is one of the main Italian company in the sector of games of chance and gambling games.

Due to a complete range of gaming products like Bingo Halls, Newslot, Videolottery, Sport Betting and Online Games, HBG Gaming offers the best entertainment experience on the market.

HBG Gaming has decided to enter the Colombian market, through its fully owned subsidiary HBG Latam and its brand AQUIJUEGO, to offer sports bet, online games and MET based on the new Colombian regulatory framework and its accumulated experience and success achieved on the Italian market.


Leader in gaming entertainment in Colombia, now has 66 casinos in the main cities of the country that offer the most exciting experiences to more than 6 million annual visitors. Each location offers the opportunity to win millionaire prizes, while enjoying spectacular musical shows, plays, fashion shows and many more events. With a philosophy of responsibility and transparency, it is consolidated as a solid business group in constant expansion. The Winner Group offer exceeds customer expectations with innovation and the quality of its products and services.

The Winner Group is part of the CIRSA Group.



Established in 1999, we started out as a company that develops applications of high technological content. Our objective is to provide solutions to Customers’ needs, through experience and knowledge acquired in the computer science field, and the constant research of new, smarter technologies. We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified, which is an international guarantee that testifies the holder’s will to produce quality products and services, with proper, organized and scalable procedures.

For our software engineers, the challenge always remains the same: constantly reaching higher levels of effectiveness. Their passion has allowed us to develop highly reliable IT systems, which are perfectly controlled and highly automated . It is thereof that we can ensure the rapid organization and efficient management of large amounts of data. This is our craft and expertise, for many we are the best possible technology partners.

But that is still not enough: we want to win the trust of those who use our software by offering an added value to our service that, other than simply responding to customer requests, has the specific intent to actively inform our customers of new possibilities and software tools.

What drives our team is a shared vision of business ethics; we care for human relationships within and outside the company. The values typical of our staff are our hallmark, from our ethical approach to business to our extreme attention towards interpersonal relationships. Our strong desire to share ideas and values fosters our group’s growth day by day and constantly spurs us on to work together with ever-increasing responsibility and team spirit, thus creating added value for all concerned. We use all these values, and a day by day comparison with the customer’s vision, to produce high quality, practical, and yet innovative technological services.


Luckia Colombia S.A.S.

Luckia Colombia SAS is 100% owned by Luckia Gaming Group, who is one of the leaders in the Leisure and Gambling Industry. We manage Sport Betting business online as well as retail with Betting corners as well as self service terminals in bars and betting shops, seven years ago. Our operations encompass Colombia, Spain, Peru, Chile, Portugal and Croatia. Our offering includes Sport Betting, Online Gambling, Casino and Bingo. Based on our successful strategy, we offer to the end customer the best product regardless you are in land based locations or you are on the road through your mobile devices.

We always count on local partners. We are the best partner you can have due to our healthy financial situation, best of breed technology we use and a relationship based on mutual respect. We always operate under existing regulations with and strict fulfilment of all the legal requirements. We promote responsible gambling to the end customer. To enter in Colombia, we have set Luckia Colombia SAS who will manage the relationship with Coljuegos, partners and providers.

Grupo Réditos

In 2006 a group of Antioqueño businessmen, characterized by having a wide experience in the commercial field of the Games category, decided to integrate their efforts to consolidate a single organization, more competitive, with better infrastructure and focused on customer service. That is how a successful process of associativity began that allowed the creation of the company Réditos Empresariales SA, under the Gana brand, which specialized in the commercialization of transactional services through a wide technological network present in the 125 municipalities of the department of Antioquia.

By 2014, the company had already added to its portfolio more than 80 network products divided into 8 categories: Insurance, Entertainment, Transportation, Games, Money Orders, Recharges and Payments.

In 2015, taking advantage of the consolidation of its technological network, Réditos Empresariales S.A. restructured to conform as a business group called Grupo Réditos, through which new brands are developed to initiate the incursion into different sectors of the economy. This is how the following brands were born: Loticolombia, the most important lottery distribution and marketing company in Colombia; Convoz, the subsidiary responsible for providing Contact Center services; ETN, in charge of offering all the technological support to the business group; Credintegral, a company in the real sector with a portfolio of credit products, among which the RIS Card stands out; Mattis, subsidiary of the real estate sector in charge of providing leasing, sales, real estate appraisal and corporate brokerage services; and finally, the Gana brand that identifies the Commercial and Technological Network through which a broad portfolio of transactional services is commercialized. Likewise, the Cerca de ti Foundation, in charge of executing the entire social strategy of the Réditos Group, which is aimed at social inclusion.

Silver Sponsors

NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia

NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia

Since the end of 2011, NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia has consolidated as a subsidiary of NOVOMATIC, with the objective of satisfying the needs of the Colombian and Central American market, offering high technology products that provide entertainment and reliability, in a constant search for excellence for our customers.

Composed by a team of specialized professionals, it provides the best support in various areas to Colombian clients, making an integral accompaniment throughout the process of marketing, delivery and installation of products and an after-sales service that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients, taking to Novomatic to be the product that every room and casino must have in its mix of machines.


MAG Consulenti Associatti

MAG is an independent consulting company, leader in Europe, with 13 years of experience in the gaming sector.

MAG’s mission is to accompany the growth of the sector, helping both companies and governments and regulators.

MAG supports public operators (ADM in Italy, DGOJ in Spain, ARJEL in France, COLJUEGOS in Colombia) in the definition and implementation of game regulation models and leading companies in the gaming industry in terms of strategy and positioning, start-up, business development, investment and marketing plans, M & A so that they can adapt their business models in regulated markets.

MAG is mainly active in Europe and has started, since the last 4 years, the development of its services in Latin America.

Espresso Games

Espresso Games

The historic brand has been renewed and is proudly taking on the role of “game tailor”.

Since 2002, the Espresso Games brand has always been synonymous with guaranteed quality; the same guarantee that one could expect from a tailor delivering a custom-made suit to his eagerly awaiting customer.

Our legendary Slots continue to be on player top favourite lists as if they had just been released to market and our new generation Slots astonish players, building customer loyalty effortlessly!

Bronze Sponsors

Cicor Internacional

Cicor Internacional was founded in 1988 in Terrassa with the aim of offering comprehensive insurance solutions adaptable to the needs of small, medium and large companies, trade associations, associations and personal.

Currently, and culminating an expansion project that began in 2000 with the acquisition of various insurance brokers, we have a network of offices that allow us to cover the entire national territory, improving even if the service our customers, present and future.