Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The IV Ibero-American Gaming Summit is an annual meeting of reference for the gaming industry used to analyze and define the interests, obstacles and challenges of leading industry players in a global context.

With the slogan Gaming Diplomacy: new key integrator”, the III Ibero-American Gaming Summit expanded its borders and moved to Mexico, where it had the support and collaboration of the Interior Ministry (SEGOB). The two previous editions were held in Madrid under the slogan ‘The game unites us: assuming challenges, opening markets’ in its second edition, and ‘Promoting the gaming business in Latin America’ in the first.

In this new edition, the Ibero-American Gaming Summit looks to further expand its borders and reach more countries in Latin America.

Again, the forum aims to generate better regulatory mechanisms and exchange of information, aimed at strengthening government and business ties in Latin America. This event is presented as a platform for discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience with integration of perspective interests, innovation, consolidation and internationalization of a sector with great economic importance.

As in all previous editions, the Summit has the support of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Spain through the General Directorate of Gaming.

Following the example of Mexico, Colombia has all the attributes to lead this discussion and take part in the efforts that have been implemented for several years in the Ibero-American area. The Government of Colombia, through the regulatory body of the Ministry of Finance, Coljuegos, will act as the Institutional Ambassador of the meeting. Colombian associations of gaming will also participate in this event.